bryn turns 4


My sweet baby girl, Bryn turns four tomorrow. I have to admit, up until about a week ago, I never fully understood the moms who cried over their kids growing up. I’ve always loved watching my girls move on to the next stage, excited to see what’s in store, but lately I’ve been holding onto the little things with Bryn.

She’s becoming so independent, almost too quickly now. She’s like a little sponge learning new ideas every day. She’s so imaginative and proving to be quite the artist. She is hilarious and absolutely one-of-a-kind. She loves Daft Punk, bunnies, and pink (a color that I’ve tried to steer clear of, but she is naturally drawn to all things super girly).

We celebrated with a trip to Disneyland and a small get together with friends at our house over the weekend. Ryan and I kept things simple by ordering pizzas, making cupcakes the night before, and hiring Princess Jasmine to come over to sing songs and do a little face painting for all the kids – she basically took care of the party for us, we highly recommend her ;)

Bryn is not a huge fan of having her photo taken these days so I try not to push it. As she gets older, I’ll probably share less about her online as I’m sure she will appreciate the privacy someday, however she did approve of the selfie session in this post :)