organizing kids’ clothes

Letting your kids pick out their ootd might sound a little risky but it’s really a time saver and morning game changer.

This inspires creativity in developing a sense of self, encourages responsibility, and shows that you trust them enough to make their own decisions.

So I always try to make kids’ clothes easily accessible. Here are a few ways to do it:

+ Measure the inside of your drawers, then pick up dividers that will fit your space.

+ Try keeping long and short-sleeved jersey-type tops folded in drawers, along with jeans and leggings.

+ Socks, undies, and other accessories can also be stored in drawers, each category separated by boxes or dividers to keep like items together.

+ Dresses, sweaters, jackets, and anything that you don’t want to wrinkle should be hung up in a closet.

File-folded clothing saves space and allows you to see everything you own at a glance. You and your child will also save time looking for specific items, be more inspired to mix and match, and extend the life of the pieces you love most.

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