bryn turns 3

Today you are three! We went to your preschool open house last night and I had to fight back the tears every time one of your teachers told me how much they love you. How sweet and kind you are to the other kids, how you’re so good about sharing and never leave anyone out, how you’re sensitive to others’ feelings and show concern if someone is upset or gets hurt. They told me how you always listen, say please and thank you, how you tell everyone about baby sister, how you love to make art <3

These are all things I knew about you, but to hear it from someone else, to know you are just as sweet when mama isn’t looking – THAT is what makes me so proud. You are already everything I could have ever hoped for and more. I love you, my beautiful girl, and the amazing little lady you’re quickly becoming. Now excuse me while I finish ugly crying into the funfetti cake I’m trying to bake ;)

butterfly birthday party

Bryn turns 3 on September 20 and we’ve already had a family bbq, a trip to Disneyland, and a little get together with our neighborhood friends. But because everything was kinda planned on the fly, I never got around to pulling those cutesy details together. HOWEVER, if I had all the time in the world, I would have thrown Bryn the best butterfly birthday party EVER.  Maybe next year, when I won’t have a 4 month old attached to my hip ;) Here’s some of the inspiration behind said party.

*All items above are Meri Meri.

flower chandelier | dessert table | flowers | donuts | tassels | cake

the pearl hotel

Attention all MCM lovers, The Pearl Hotel is your perfect Ron Burgundy-inspired place to stay in San Diego. Quietly tucked away in Point Loma, this vintage midcentury modern boutique hotel is built to accommodate whatever your excuse for a vacation may be: splurge on The Super Strand, stretch out in The Jewel, or get cozy with The Gem.

If your getaway is more about lounging than sight-seeing, feel free to just kick back and relax on location. The Pearl’s poolside restaurant, Charles + Dinorah, was recently revamped and their Wednesday night Dive-In Theater is a must, featuring classics on a 10×13 outdoor projector.

The Pearl also hosts private events, including wedding parties upon request. So whether you’re stopping by for a drink, staying for the weekend, or actually tying the knot, this San Diego style retreat will definitely not disappoint.

cape cod 2018

When it comes to taking photos of my family on vacation, I kinda drop the ball. There’s not much room for phones and cameras when I’m just trying to relax and enjoy the moment. But here are a few shots from our time at the Cape in August, including Onset, Provincetown, and of course our annual family portrait – it was too hot for Bryn to smile apparently ;)

matcha latte

I may be a little late to the matcha party, but I made it and that’s all that matters now. Over the summer a friend ordered an iced matcha latte and let me try a sip. SO GOOD. I’ve always liked green tea, but this fresh flavor is on a whole new level.

Then she went on to tell me all about its magic powers. Matcha is a true superfood with a ridiculous amount of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and other detoxifying, cancer-fighting properties. It also boosts metabolism and calms the mind, enhancing our mood and concentration – all without the jittery, dehydrating side effects that often come with coffee. The list goes on and on, check out more health benefits here.

But all health-nut stuff aside, matcha just tastes amazing. I want to share this little recipe so you can make your own iced matcha latte at home someday (you probably should do it today, like right now, right now).

First start with a high quality matcha powder. I picked up U-matcha Natural by the Republic of Tea from Whole Foods.

Add 1 tsp of matcha powder to a warmed bowl – I usually pour hot water in the bowl, swish it around, then pour out and dry with a dish towel before adding the matcha.

Pour 2 tbsp of hot (but not boiling) water and stir – sometimes I use a mini whisk to blend together better.

Pour matcha mixture into a tall glass with ice, add about 8 oz of almond milk and stir. Sometimes I mix in a little honey for a natural sweetener, but that is totally optional and not always necessary in my opinion. Lastly, sprinkle a little matcha powder on top and ENJOY!