september 7 playlist


September 7 Playlist

01  The Way You Used To Do | Queens of the Stone Age
02  Hrsb | Beach Goons
03  Strawberry Letter 23 | Shuggie Oats
04  Pray For Me | The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar
05  This is America | Childish Gambino
06  Don’t Matter To Me | Drake, Michael Jackson
07  Celestica | Crystal Castles
08  When I Get Home | Post Animal
09  Black Out Days | Phantogram
10  Eyes on Fire – Zeds Dead Remix | Blue Foundation
11  Pizza Guy | Touch Sensitive
12  High Times | Marcus Marr

meet lily


Say hello to Lily Jacqueline Fisher, born at 5:08pm on Friday, May 4, 2018. 7 lbs. 1 oz.

I’ll be sharing our birth story next week but just wanted to introduce you to the main reason for my little blog hiatus. We’ve loved getting to know this sweet baby girl over the last few months. Besides all the expected craziness that comes with a newborn, Lily’s been the sweetest addition to our family and Bryn is so proud to be her big sister. She’s finally starting to give us peeks of her personality and we just can’t wait for more.

Stay tuned for more life updates as I try to navigate this wild mama-of-two world… ;)

welcome back

Hey babes! It’s been 4 long months since I’ve checked in here. I’ve really missed you and am so happy to be back. I took the summer off to travel, reset, spend time with family, and oh yeah, HAVE A BABY! More on that later, but for now let’s just soak in the fact that September is finally here. My favorite time of year when we’re between two beautiful seasons and the air is just right.

Now I’d be totally lying if I said I wasn’t tired, but the ideas are still flowing and I’m feeling pretty inspired by my two amazing girls. We have so many projects in the works, both personal and collaborative, that I can’t wait to share.

Check back for life and motherhood updates, room decor plans and reveals, style inspiration, beauty hacks, and all kinds of ways to treat yoself. So many goodies on the way!

P.S. I recently chatted with SDVoyager about why I love cozy in-home photo sessions so much. Check out the full interview here!

*Photo by Jamie Street

baby’s nursery


Here we are, less than a week from my due date and I’m finally throwing in the towel on baby girl’s nursery. I’ve had months to set up this space, yet waited to the last minute to pull everything together.  It’s cute and cozy, but I don’t think it will ever really feel complete or perfect to me!


One thing I wouldn’t change, however, are these little Moroccan baskets I picked up from Homegoods. I stocked them with extra swaddle blankets, burp cloths, etc. And I added those cute pom poms myself, which were originally tied to a beautifully wrapped gift from a friend. Those colors are so great together, I just had to repurpose somehow!


I’ve had this vintage campaign dresser for almost 8 years now – thrift store find, $40. It may have a few bruises, but I believe they just add character ;) It’s actually the perfect size for a changing table with just enough room for a changing pad and diaper caddy. I keep extra diapers and wipes in the top right drawer, headbands and other girly things on the left. *The cute cactus changing pad cover is from Spearmint Love and I found the caddy on Amazon.


We were originally planning to upgrade Bryn to a big girl bed and use her white Babyletto crib in here, but she seems to be doing fine with her current set up – she’s never tried to climb out and she’s still very petite, so space isn’t really an issue. I also considered all the other changes she’ll be adjusting to in the next few weeks, and didn’t want to throw another big transition at her.

SO we decided to get a second crib for baby sister. I found this Jenny Lind on Craigslist. It’s so funny how much more laid back I am now about gently used baby things. I would have NEVER even thought of looking for a secondhand deal when I was shopping for Bryn’s room, but I’ve definitely made an effort to keep costs down in creating this space. I liked the challenge!


This Eames rocker was a gift from my mom and probably my favorite part of the nursery. I love it’s simple lines and can’t believe how comfy it is! It’s also super lightweight so I can easily move it from room to room. I’ve always had a thing for mcm design, so it makes me happy just knowing this is a piece we’ll be able to keep for years since it can work anywhere in our house.


The banner I made for our wedding is once again hanging over a crib in our home. It’s not my favorite wall decor choice, but there’s a little sentiment there, plus I’m too worried to put anything that weighs more than an ounce over my babies’ head. *The pink elephant swaddle is from Spearmint Love.


Snagged this boho fringe rug on sale at World Market.


And how adorable is this dress our dear friend, Lizelly, brought back from Oaxaca for us?! I am seriously obsessed and can’t stop looking at it.


The panda print was one of the first things I bought for baby’s nursery. I didn’t know where it would go or whether we were having a boy or girl yet, I just knew I loved his little face and had to have it.

The tassel chandelier was a diy project that took foreverrrr but I love the way it turned out, so well worth the late nights with more yarn than I’d like to admit. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more about how I made it, I’m happy to go into more detail!


I plan to take a short break from blogging after today, but you can probably find me posting babe and bungalow pics here and there on Instagram at @babeandbungalow_. I’d love to see you there! Until then, please wish me luck on this wild ride with my TWO little ladies ;)

Thanks for all the love, see you back in September! XO



Bryn was born 10 days late, so with this baby due on May 7, I really don’t know what to expect. Some say the second baby usually comes quicker and easier than the first, so it could be any day now. But until she decides to show up, we’re all just waiting. I’m trying to stay relaxed and be as prepared as possible. Baby’s room is all ready, hospital bags are packed. I’m going to bed pretty early these days because I know any night could very well be my last 8-hour stretch of sleep for what will at least seem like a looong time.

On top of the anticipation, Bryn has been a little more difficult for us lately. She had the flu last week, but even though the worst has past, she’s been super cranky and clingy (which was never really a problem before). I’m wondering if this is the toddler regression everybody’s been warning me about… I was hoping we’d skip right over that phase, but even more realistically, I thought it wouldn’t hit us until little sister had already arrived. But maybe we’ll get lucky and this sassy attitude will blow over by the time we bring baby home! Wishful thinking?

Anyway, I have one more post for you before I take a mini break from the blog. Check back later this week for photos of baby girl’s nursery <3