hold onto your vision

You might have a pretty good idea of what your dream home looks like, but what does it FEEL like?

Focus on the feeling you want to have when you walk in your front door, when you wake up in the morning, when you’re settling in for the night. Think back to some of your favorite memories or trips and try to bottle it all up.

Consider your senses. For example, sight might mean natural light, calming colors, clean and uncluttered surfaces. Sound could be nature, running water, or music. Smell might be fresh air/open windows, plants/flowers, essential oil diffusers, candles, food cooking, etc. Your sense of touch could be soft textures and and earthy natural elements (wood, stone/tile, water, leafy plants). Taste always makes me think of a favorite beverage in hand ;)

Next time you shop for your home, keep those feelings in mind. Choose colors and textures that reflect those visions. And try not to underestimate the power of detail. It really is the little things that bring a space to life.

My main goal is to not only create a space that reflects the best version of you, but also supports that lifestyle so you can continue to thrive.

One of my favorite parts of our eDesign process is showing clients what I see in them. It could be something you had always overlooked, or maybe just couldn’t find the right words to articulate. Ready to connect the dots and get clear on your vision?  Let’s talk!