Natural light. A comfy chair. A place to let your mind wander.


Sometimes I need a blank slate to clear my thoughts in order to stir up inspiration. Other days, my imagination craves something a little more stimulating, like bright, vibrant color. Facing a window is always ideal but when that’s not possible, a great piece of art can work just as well.


My desk at the moment is actually a creation of my own. I pieced together random parts from Ikea to make a corner-fitting bar height table – all white lacquer with tall chrome legs. The cashier told me it wouldn’t work, but I knew exactly what I was doing and of course, I was right in the end ;) Then I found the perfect retro barstool to match (a thrift store steal), so it looks like this custom workspace will be around for a while… How do you work?

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  • These are all gorgeous! My office space right now isn’t much to talk about, but since we’re currently house hunting, I’m on the lookout for a bright, open room (preferably with some built-ins?) for my office. It’s fun starting from scratch sometimes. :)

    • Hey Sarah! I think it’s great that you’re keeping a bright workspace a priority for your new home. I’d love to hunt down the perfect little nook – sounds fun!

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