fleur lux


After falling down the rabbit hole that is Instagram last weekend, I stumbled upon the dreamy work of Fleur Lux, aka LA based artist Shelby DiMarco and her magical handcrafted tassel mobiles + garlands. Believe it or not these gorgeous pieces are actually “hand dyed tissue paper, hand cut, strung and suspended from a driftwood stick.” Brilliant.

fleur-lux-2 fleur-lux-3 fleur-lux-4

Shelby says, “It’s up to you if you want to hang it on a wall or from the ceiling. Looks beautiful either way.” Check out her Etsy shop, FleurLux. I have my eye on Pink Milk! Those soft blushy tones and barely there pinks couldn’t be more perfect together…

Pink Milk Tassel Mobile | Fleur Garland | Silver Leafed Tassel Mobile

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