time-saving tips for laundry

Buried under laundry? YUP. I know how it goes. I felt like I was drowning until I threw all the rules out the window. Nothing ground-breaking, just practical time-saving tips that simplify my laundry sitch, making it easy enough to keep up with and actually get DONE.

  1. We have one average-sized hamper, centrally located between all of our bedrooms. As soon as it’s about halfway-3/4 full, I do one load of laundry on cold or semi-warm. No separating, just throw it all in together (we mostly wear soft cottons, fuss-free materials anyway so this works for us). I wash sheets, blankets, and towels separately and always put the bigger, heavier pieces in the washer first so they‘re on the bottom. This keeps everything balanced. I aim to wash sheets once a week, but nobody’s perfect ;)

  2. I often start laundry just before heading out for the day, so I’ll run the washing machine, then throw the clothes into the dryer just as we’re leaving. That way, everything’s clean and ready to be folded whenever I decide to get to it once I’m home again.

  3. I use Ecos unscented laundry detergent because anything with a strong smell gives me a headache.

  4. At the end of the cycle, I quickly shake out each piece before putting it in the dryer to de-wrinkle and make sure pillow cases aren’t tangled up in the sheets. I also do this with all my clothes and it really makes a difference. I just traded in dryer sheets for these wool dryer balls and so far, so good!

  5. I usually fold everything as soon as possible and put it back in everyone’s drawers/closets by the end of the same day. If I lag on this step, people start pulling clothes out of the basket and it ends up all over the house and/or mixed back in with dirty laundry. Simply getting it out of the way makes my life so much easier.

  6. Don’t forget to clean out the lint tray after each use! I keep a cute little bin on top of my dryer so I always have a place to throw it.

Again, no real secrets but little habits that make endless loads of laundry seem less daunting. Do you have any laundry system tricks?! Please share below as this chore is ALWAYS looming…