6 questions to ask yourself before buying anything

While it’s important to go through your things often, it might be even more beneficial to get real with yourself when making purchases. If you’re not 1,000% in love with it, move on. Otherwise it will just become clutter.

When it comes to clothing, ask yourself these questions before adding anything to your cart:

1. What will I wear this with?

2. Where do I see myself wearing this?

3. Is this quality material?

4. Will this be a pain in the ass to clean?

5. Do I already own something similar?

6. Do I absolutely LOVE this?

Unless I’m super excited to wear it, like right that minute, I usually sleep on it. Same story if I really love something that might be a little beyond what I want to spend. I wait. If I can’t stop thinking about it a few days later, then I might go back and buy it.

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