5 ways to make your kid’s room more chill

Kids’ spaces tend to be more bohemian and eclectic in nature, which is really just a nice way of saying that it can be a crazy mess if simple systems aren’t in place. Here are 5 quick tips to organize your kiddo’s bedroom without sacrificing style.

1. IKEA’s Kallax shelving unit with wooden bin inserts is great for hiding annoying toys while still keeping them accessible to little ones.

2. Books organized in a rainbow pattern adds a sense of order and visual interest to bookshelves, while also creating a fun way for the little ones to find/put books away.

3. Using neutral colors on walls and large pieces of furniture maximizes space and tones down visual clutter.

4. Natural materials like rattan, wood, 100% cotton, and woven baskets add warmth and ground the space.

5. Extra soft and cozy layers are comforting and inviting, think built-in sensory stations.

Would you say your kid’s room is more chaos than calm? This is one of my favorite puzzles to solve! Let’s create a space both you and your little will love, schedule a free consultation to get started :) Or grab your own copy of my Kidspace eBook!