vacay checklist

Whether I’m going away for the weekend or a month, I always run through the lists below to prep.


+ Do all the dishes. Don’t leave anything unwashed in the sink or dishwasher.

+ Quickly scan and compost/toss out any food that’s approaching its expiration date in the fridge.

+ Try to have something quick, easy, and ready to eat when you come back from your trip.

+ Wipe down the inside the fridge, counters and dining table.

+ Take out the trash and recycling.

+ Wash your sheets (or at least make your bed). Coming home to a clean bed after a long day of traveling always feels so nice.

+ Pack as lightly as possible.

+ Pick up toys and run Roomba on your way out of the house.

+ Water your plant babies.


+ Open all the windows to let some fresh air flow through your home

+ Unpack/throw in a load of laundry as soon as possible.

+ Go for the snacks you had planned before your trip – or just order takeout ;)

+ Unpack your toiletries and make sure nothing leaked or exploded.

+ Take a hot shower and save any other business for the following day.

+ Have your next trip planned.

These little tasks may not seem like a big deal but they really keep those post-vacay blues at bay. Coming back to reality and easing into a regular schedule again can be a shock to the system, so it helps to have the basics taken care of beforehand.