how to edit kids’ clothes

How annoying is it to rummage through your kids’ drawers, pushing aside old shirts that don’t even fit, looking at tags to see what size these forgotten leggings are, trying to find the one and only dress she insists on wearing every single day this week?

Kids grow so freakin fast, it’s tricky to keep up with all these baby clothes. But I’ve been staying on top of it by following these same simple steps…

Every few weeks, or whenever your drawers feel stuffed, EDIT.

Start by picking a kid, or even just one drawer.

Take everything out in no particular order and lay it all out on the floor, bed, or table.

Start sorting into these categories…


Anything ripped or stained that you don’t want to see anymore can be tossed or recycled.


Anything that still fits, is in good shape, and worn often gets folded neatly and goes back in the drawer.


Anything that is still in good shape but no longer fits can be donated or saved for a younger sibling.


When saving clothing for younger siblings or friends/family, be sure to have a designated drawer, basket, box, whatever to toss outgrown pieces as you go. I have a drawer in Bryn’s room that holds all the clothes she’s recently outgrown, but that are still too big for Lily. This way, as Lily grows into the next size, I just scoop everything out of that drawer and drop them in hers. Easy!

If you’re ready to refresh your kiddo’s closet, send us a message to get started or grab a copy of my Kidspace eBook!