linen closet upkeep

Closets can be like big junk drawers. It’s so easy to just toss random things in there, close the door and say you’ll deal with them later. I know how it goes. But if you take another look, you’ll find there’s almost always enough space for everything worth keeping.

Sharing a little peek into my linen closet in my Organizing highlights – you’ll see that things don’t need to be fancy, just put away neatly in easy to reach containers. Here are a few notes on how I keep this little space functional and under control:

1. File fold extra towels so they lay flat, save space, and look nice on a shelf.

2. Each bed really only needs one spare set of sheets, so you always have a clean set to use while washing the other.

3. Use reusable microfiber cloths for cleaning rather than paper towels.

4. Keep linens and any other related items in cute storage bins and baskets for a clean and cohesive look.

5. Store frequently used items within reach for easy access. For example, keep seasonal things out of the way on the top shelf.

So are you closets like junk drawers or what? What’s your biggest problem when it comes to keeping them organized? Comment below!