4 reasons to decant

The thought of transferring anything to a different container after bringing it home from the grocery store seemed like a waste of time at first. Who has time for that?

But once I started keeping our coffee beans in a clear glass jar (to retain freshness), I realized it made my mornings just a little bit easier. Then I tried decanting other essentials and now I’m hooked. I actually look forward to refilling the containers now ;) #nerdalert

A few reasons why you should try decanting:

  • You can easily see when you’re running low and need to restock.
  • It keeps you from buying something that you already have, hiding in the back of the cabinet.
  • Clear containers are much prettier than most store packaging, reducing visual clutter.
  • Food lasts longer in airtight containers – no more tossing food just because you couldn’t cook with it in time.

Some of my favorite kitchen containers:

Are you hooked on decanting yet? If not, try it, even with just one pantry staple and watch what happens.

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