4 ways getting organized will save your life

Being organized and having a reliable system in place will ensure that everything is right where it’s supposed to be, when you need it. 


No more being late because you can’t find your keys or that favorite white shirt. Forget digging through the cabinet for a pot lid that actually fits or a missing game piece that your kids have been asking about. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time? Maybe something for yourself?


You’d be surprised at how much we spend on duplicates of things that we actually already have. When you declutter, only the things you love, need, and use will be front and center, clearly visible, and convenient to grab (and put away), rather than buried somewhere in the back of that drawer.


Systems make your life easier – everything runs smoother so you know what to expect. Getting ready for the day, a trip, or even dinner can be on autopilot. When we start seeing our daily habits as systems, we’re able to simplify the details and conserve brain power for other, more important things.


Feeling organized is a breath of fresh air for not only your space, but also your mind. There’s literally more room to move and less visual clutter to take in. The frustration of always stepping over clothes, toys, etc., trying to manage an excessive amount of stuff, not knowing where anything is, just to name a few examples can take a serious toll on our mental health. Research has shown that the way we feel and the number of things we keep in our home are very closely related.

Getting organized does not necessarily mean throwing everything out, starting over completely, or never buying another item for your home. It’s more about keeping the essentials readily available, whatever that may mean to you. Easy, simplified systems will only improve your quality of life, not deprive it.

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