styling kids’ spaces

Styling is often my clients’ favorite part of the organizing and design process, but it takes time and will likely be ongoing in most cases. Before even getting started, I like to run through three key points:

1. Visualize how you want your kid’s space to look, feel, and be remembered (don’t turn to Pinterest just yet). Write down anything and everything that comes to mind.

2. Ask your kiddo how THEY envision their room and work in some (or all) of their wishes! Try finding creative ways to compromise.

3. Make a conscious effort to let go of perfection. It’s no fun if everything is too precious or off limits. This space needs to be durable and flexible. Bonus points to those who embrace quirkiness!

From there you should be ready to dive in. Just please remember to have fun! Styling is all about letting your child’s personality shine. If you’re looking for a little extra inspiration or guidance, tell me about your space!