how to successfully edit

Sometimes even our own *stuff* gets in the way of life and keeps us from the peace of mind we crave and deserve. Spring is the perfect time of year to assess the damage, then get down to editing.

Here’s how I do it:

+  Get EVERYONE out of the house.

+  Turn up your favorite jams (check out this playlist).

+  Choose your victim area (ie. your bedroom closet).

+  Take EVERYTHING out in no particular order.

+  Start sorting by making categories (t-shirts, jeans, etc.).

+  Take note of multiples and keep only the best.

+  Be brutally honest with yourself.

+  Donate/sell/toss any items that have seen a better day (ripped, stained, don’t fit, etc.).

+  Give your space a good wipe down.

+  Consider upgrading storage (ie. wooden hangers, bamboo shoe rack, etc).

+  Designate homes for each category based on use and accessibility – and really stick to them!

+  Begin putting your “keeps” back in your closet.

+  Treat yourself, enjoy, and repeat as needed!

If you need a little push in getting started, schedule a free consultation with me, and together we’ll find what your “just enough” looks like.