gallery walls


This past weekend was supposed to be focused on tying loose ends with wedding stuff, but after assessing the dreadful to-do list, I decided to procrastinate and go shopping instead.

gallery-wall-2 gallery-wall3-gallery-wall

Both Saturday AND Sunday, I bopped around with gift cards I had received at my bridal showers (yes, there was a second shower which was 100% a surprise! I’ll fill you in later…) and gave our apartment a little update. I even stopped at Home Depot to pick up nails for a mirror I’ve been dying to hang above my desk – it now faces a window and lights up my entire workspace :) So I guess you could say I have been somewhat productive, but the wedding is in less than 6 weeks from now. I am definitely not out of the woods yet.

As soon as the festivities die down, I’ll probably revisit normal life and continue decorating our place. Gallery walls will be involved one way or another – this post is just a bookmark for future reference!

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