guest room


Here are a few shots of the baby’s soon-to-be nursery. It’s been our guest room since we moved in last summer and to be honest, I’ll miss having this quiet, minimal space for myself. I’ve been practicing gentle yoga since I found out I was pregnant and this has been the perfect hideout for me and my mat.

We’ve since moved the futon out to the garage, giving Ryan’s man cave a cozy little update. Baby girl’s crib now sits against the left-side wall and a there’s a vintage dresser/changing table to the right. For now, these sheer pom pom curtains will stay since baby will be sleeping in our room the first few months. I’m still adding finishing touches, but can’t wait to share photos once everything’s moved in and ready. More on the way! In the meantime, follow along @babeandbungalow on Instagram :)