babe & bungalow philosophy

Our mission is to help you improve how you experience your home, but there’s more to that than finding the right furniture and decor. It’s also about creating an environment that speaks to the person you want to be, builds self care right into your day, and will make life easier all around. And organization is key, especially for the multi-tasking mama!

Ready for your days to run a little smoother? Keep the following in mind:

kid things live in kid spaces

Toys, clothes, everything that belongs to your child has a designated spot in their bedroom – a true kid oasis.

don’t over sort

Think big baskets where everything can be tossed at the end of the day.

take a minimalist approach

The less you have, the less you have to organize. It really is that simple!

Find more organizing tips in kidspace, a downloadable guide designed to help you not only create a beautiful room for your kiddo, but calm the chaos in your ENTIRE home.

From editing to styling, you’ll find 30+ pages packed with bite-size tips and simple how-to’s, all 100% doable and maintainable. Proven to work with even the messiest of the messy.

Give your little one a space that you’ll BOTH love spending time in xx