water, no ice please

room temperature water

I’ve always been the weirdo in my family who prefers to drink water at room temp, rather than ice cold. And as it turns out, warmer water is actually better for your bod (in some ways). Not only is it less shocking to your system, but it’s also great for detoxing, digestion, and pain relief.

Squeeze in a dash of fresh lemon juice for an energy boost and a special treat for your skin. Vitamin C goes a long way even in small doses, so try sipping a cup of this citrus magic first thing in the morning. Your immune system will thank you.

Lemons aren’t your thing? Go with a few slices of cucumber (also great for skin). But cold, warm, hot, lemons or not, we all know that water is your body’s best friend. So do whatever it takes to hydrate all day, flush out those toxins, and watch your face begin to glow from the inside out.