Bryn was born 10 days late, so with this baby due on May 7, I really don’t know what to expect. Some say the second baby usually comes quicker and easier than the first, so it could be any day now. But until she decides to show up, we’re all just waiting. I’m trying to stay relaxed and be as prepared as possible. Baby’s room is all ready, hospital bags are packed. I’m going to bed pretty early these days because I know any night could very well be my last 8-hour stretch of sleep for what will at least seem like a looong time.

On top of the anticipation, Bryn has been a little more difficult for us lately. She had the flu last week, but even though the worst has past, she’s been super cranky and clingy (which was never really a problem before). I’m wondering if this is the toddler regression everybody’s been warning me about… I was hoping we’d skip right over that phase, but even more realistically, I thought it wouldn’t hit us until little sister had already arrived. But maybe we’ll get lucky and this sassy attitude will blow over by the time we bring baby home! Wishful thinking?

Anyway, I have one more post for you before I take a mini break from the blog. Check back later this week for photos of baby girl’s nursery <3