spring on whidbey

1-sail 2-cinnamon-daffodil 3-thumper-bud6-grandma-vine5-cinnamon-14-dock-bud

For Memorial Day weekend, R and I visited family in Washington. We spent 3 days on beautiful Whidbey Island where the flowers were just starting to bloom and the sun didn’t go down until 9pm. It’s always nice getting out of town, but traveling to the quiet coast of Washington was just what I needed. One of my favorite things about traveling up north are the deer that stop by my in-laws’ for an apple at least once a day. They are so sweet, especially the one pictured above – his name is Cinnamon :) When you can be that close to nature, there’s simply no more room for stress from the daily grind. Somehow it just seems to melt away.

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