proud parents

proud parents

I’m sure you remember this gorgeous mama, Jasna. How could you forget?! She and hubby, Drazen, welcomed a beautiful baby boy just days after we met for this photo session, and although mom + dad are settled into their new roles as proud parents by now, I still wanted to share these photos. Every time I look at them, I can feel the excitement, anticipation, and overwhelming love.


As we walked along Sunset Cliffs that day, they asked a few questions and I was happy to share my experience as a new mom. Actually, I was hoping they’d ask because I wanted to tell them everything anyway ;)


Jasna and Drazen were relaxed for the most part – reasonably anxious to meet their little guy and ready for a new chapter together. I could totally relate to all of these emotions, plus more, and it brought me right back to those weeks leading up to Bryn’s birth where I honestly didn’t know what to expect. A place where I had not yet felt that truly unconditional love, that unbelievable sense of pride.


It was an honor to capture this precious time, sending lots of love to this adorable family of three!