playlist 15


My sister is running San Diego’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon this Sunday. Good luck with that, Linds! I’ll be waiting at the finish line… No, but really, I am so proud of her and so inspired.

While this may not be the best workout playlist, it’s perfect for an art nerd  ;) Happy Friday!

01  Pieces of the People We Love | The Rapture
02  Rough Detective | Dead Weather
03  My God is the Sun | Queens of the Stone Age
04  I Wanna Be Your Dog | The Stooges
05  Spooky | Dusty Springfield
06  Dangerous |  Big Data, Joywave
07  Punch Drunk Love | Teams vs. Star Slin
08  Psychic City | Yacht
09  Marathon | Tennis
10 Skeletons | Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr.

  • Thanks sister!! I hope you really are waiting at the finish line so you can carry me home! Love you:)

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