As the wedding approaches, little details keep popping up that I hadn’t even thought of before. For example, the favors. We need something cute for our guests!


I looked into a few different options, but everything seemed so cheesy. What’s the point in sending your friends and family home with a crappy gift that will just end up in the trash? Besides, personalized picture frames are just really not our thing…


So after sleeping on it, I decided to play it safe and go with something edible: Lette Macarons. Everybody loves sweets, especially little French cookies delivered in pairs, tied with satin ribbon, am I right? Fluffy, pastel, perfection.

After all, we did get engaged in Paris – it’s just the right amount of cliché ;)

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p.s. My lovely friend and co-coordinator, Yuko gave me the Ladurée Sucré book shown above as a gift. It is absolutely gorgeous and I’m afraid to even take it out of the box! Thank you, babe! I will cherish this forever!