lily’s birth story


Unlike Bryn, Lily’s debut went off without a hitch. It was a Thursday morning when I went in for my twice weekly non-stress test at 39 weeks. Other than baby measuring a bit on the small side, things were looking good. However, the tech noticed my fluids were borderline low, so she picked up the phone and called my OB on the spot, then asked if I was open to an induction.

Now, I’ve always been all about waiting for my babies to arrive on their own time, but at this moment, I shrugged and said, “sure,” thinking I’m kinda over being pregnant at this point anyway. She hung up, directed me down the hall to labor & delivery, and with a smile, nonchalantly said, “go meet your baby.”

I was totally caught off guard, like whaaat, right this minute?! Ryan had taken Bryn to Starbucks while I was at my appointment. I had to call him and explain that instead of picking me up and heading to work for the day, he had to go home and grab my overnight bag because we were having a baby TODAY.


But as I anxiously waited for my room to be ready, I called my OB to speak with her directly. I had to know just how urgent this situation was and if an induction was absolutely mandatory. Luckily I was able to get a hold of her right away and she laughed a little as she breezily scheduled my non-emergency induction for the following morning so I could go home to pack, take a shower, arrange childcare for Bryn, and go out for one last date night with my husband. I was so relieved! Up until that point I was so worried about who would watch Bryn when I went into labor, like what happens if my water breaks at 3am? Or what if Ryan’s at work and I have to drive myself to the hospital?!

My sister, Lindsey, was of course on-call, but she would have had to drop work or whatever she was doing and drive 25 minutes to our house on a moment’s notice. This way it was nice to plan ahead so nobody was too inconvenienced.

ANYWAY, I went home shortly after confirming my 6am appointment, excited knowing my baby’s birthday would be May 4. As a true planner at heart, this put my mind at ease since I had been agonizing over when she’d arrive for the last 9 months! I did a load of laundry, got a mani pedi, then went out for pizza with Ryan in North Park while my sister watched a movie with B at home. I tried to sleep that night, but the butterflies were obviously way too crazy.


My alarm clock went off at 5am, I whispered goodbye to Lindsey, and Ryan and I tiptoed out to the car. We made it to the hospital right on time and were SO thrilled to find out that my nurse was Amber, our good friend and neighbor! She literally lives across the street from us.

I got my IV and a little pill (forget what it was called) to get things going. We watched TV, Gone Girl was on, and about 4 hours later, I got my epidural, pitocin, and water broken all back to back. At this point I had only dilated a few centimeters and hadn’t felt any contractions. Amber gave me a peanut pillow so I laid on my side and fell asleep for a couple hours. When I woke up, it was go time.

I couldn’t believe I had made it to 10 centimeters without feeling ANY pain! Maybe a little pressure, but no pain or discomfort whatsoever. The doctor came in at around 4:30ish. The afternoon sun was shining in our room, warm and glowing. My body seemed to remember exactly what to do and I knew it was time to push. Super focused, I closed my eyes and in complete silence, Lily Jacqueline Fisher was born at 5:08pm.

Everyone was laughing as they yelled at me to open my eyes and meet my new baby girl! My doctor had me reach out and pull Lily onto my chest, screaming, squirming, umbilical cord still attached. It was CRAZY. I never knew I could laugh and cry so hard at the same time. She was absolutely perfect with a full head of beautiful dark hair! I couldn’t believe she was ours, and finally here breathing the same air as us.

And I got my golden hour, that precious bonding time that I had dreamed of with my first daughter but missed out on due to a medical emergency. I reveled in the moment and felt beyond grateful to have uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact with little Lily.

So far, this experience was basically the complete opposite of what went down in the delivery room with Bryn. We were on cloud nine. I thought there may even be a chance we’d be able to go home the very next day. But unfortunately 24 hours later, nurses and doctors were filtering in and out of our recovery room, pricking Lily’s feet and drawing blood because they had found her bilirubin levels to be too high, meaning she had jaundice.

Sadly, Lily and I had to spend an extra night in the hospital. And by now my sister had to go back to work, so Ryan went home to be with Bryn. A nurse brought in a bilibed to help reduce baby’s bilirubin levels, which was awful because I couldn’t hold her between feedings and she cried most of the night. Zero sleep for mama, it was rough to say the least. The following day, I was hopeful that her test results would show Lily had improved, but instead she was admitted to the NICU. I was heartbroken. I knew jaundice was common and treatable, yet this brought up so many emotions thinking back to our difficult first week with Bryn.

I stayed in a hospital hotel room for the next 2 nights, spending most of that time in the NICU, showing up for feedings every 2-3 hours around the clock. I know I would have been up all night like that anyway, but not being in the comfort of my own home with my family made it feel like foreverrr. Finally, after sleeping in what looked like a mini tanning bed and lots of testing, Lily was discharged late Tuesday evening, and we were able to take our baby girl home for the first time on May 8, 2018.

Since then, everyone’s been healthy and we’ve fallen even more head over heels in love with our sweet little babe! So many more stories to share, so many memories to make <3