etsy favorites : lola & stella

Lola & Stella Bloomers

When my mama-to-be friend told me she was having a girl, I made a list of my favorite Etsy finds for her to shop, starting with Lola & Stella. I am obsessed with bloomers for Bryn, especially the ice cream summer shorts above. So cute! I’ll try to get a photo of B modeling soon ;)

ice cream | pineapples

Lola & Stella Dresses

I still can’t tell if Bryn will be a girly-girl, but until she objects, I’ll be dolling her up in these adorable bebe dresses :)

toucans | flamingos

Lola & Stella Headbands

And headbands! This knotted style is the sweetest on little ladies! They also save me from correcting people when they think Bryn’s actually a boy (almost on a daily basis)… There are so many more cute items on Lola & Stella, check em’ out for yourself!

arrows | strawberries