bryn turns 3

Today you are three! We went to your preschool open house last night and I had to fight back the tears every time one of your teachers told me how much they love you. How sweet and kind you are to the other kids, how you’re so good about sharing and never leave anyone out, how you’re sensitive to others’ feelings and show concern if someone is upset or gets hurt. They told me how you always listen, say please and thank you, how you tell everyone about baby sister, how you love to make art <3

These are all things I knew about you, but to hear it from someone else, to know you are just as sweet when mama isn’t looking – THAT is what makes me so proud. You are already everything I could have ever hoped for and more. I love you, my beautiful girl, and the amazing little lady you’re quickly becoming. Now excuse me while I finish ugly crying into the funfetti cake I’m trying to bake ;)