beauty sleep

beauty sleep

My appreciation for beauty sleep has gone through the roof since baby, and I’ve decided that waking up after a solid 8 hours might be one of the best feelings ever. Quality rest gives our bodies the chance to replenish and repair itself over night, taking years off of our faces and bringing that sparkle back into our eyes. It also keeps us alert, balances our moods, improves our memory, helps us stay in our skinny jeans, and has the power to lower stress levels. And it is 100% free. SOLD.

Before I moved in with Ryan, I’d fall asleep watching tv in bed every single night. Sometimes I’d wake up a few hours later to turn it off and other times it would just stay on throughout the morning. I cringe at the thought now, sleeping with all that unnecessary light and chatter. Today my bedroom is like a sanctuary, where sleep is taken pretty seriously.

On my nightstand, you’ll find the following:

• Three different kinds of eye masks:

1. a silk mask filled with lavender to help me relax
2. a gel-filled ice mask which cools and reduces puffiness
3. a thin, light-blocking mask to allow a few extra minutes of sleep if I wake up too early

• Homemade Body Butter

• Lip Balm

• Calming essential oils – lavender, chamomile, spruce, cedarwood, frankincense

• A tall glass of room temperature water

• Ear plugs if necessary, otherwise I love listening to nature/ocean (if possible) by keeping the window open

• Whatever book I’m reading

I love my nighttime ritual of reading in a hot bath, followed by washing my face and brushing my teeth, then moisturizing from head to toe, finishing with a few dabs of essential oil on my wrists and the soles of my feet. However, I still have a problem with doing all of these things before midnight… I reallly want to be better about turning in early, it just seems easier said than done. Workin’ on it!

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