playlist 54

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Here we are again. The weeks have just been flying by for me lately. I know people always say that and it doesn’t really mean anything but I honestly can’t believe it’s already April. Bryn is changing so fast and there’s no longer a baby in the house… She’s a little kid now, which makes me so happy and sad at the same time. I’ll dive into a sappy post one of these days, but for now let’s just focus on celebrating the weekend with a fresh, new playlist:

01  Lady’s in Trouble with the Law | LA Priest
02  The Great Impression | Sparkadia
03  I Though the Future Would Be Cooler | YACHT
04  Love the Night Away – Tiedye Remix | DJ Kaos, Tiedye
05  Atomic Bomb | William Onyeabor, Hot Chip
06  Higher Ground | Argonaut & Wasp
07  Cape Town | Clubfeet
08  The Well | Campdogzz
09  It’s Strange | Louis the Child, K. Flay
10  True Affection | Father John Misty
11  Better At Making Time | De Lux
12  Dissolve | Private Island

See you Monday!